6 of July – 28 of August


An educational program for children aged 4-12 years, designed by Travelers – parents, psychologists and linguists.

  • 6-15 of July – Series “English Power and Conquests”
  • 16-27 of July – Series “Desert Drought”
  • 28 of July – 6 of August – Series “Silk Road”
  • 7 -18 of August – Series “Seas and Islands”
  • 19 -28 August – Series “Travelling across continents”

START: 9:00

20 w magazynie



Immediately after the purchase you will receive by e-mail:

  • confirmation of the purchase,
  • invoice.

Within 7 days from the purchase you will receive by e-mail:

  • Index of The Brave Explorer’s Academy,
  • „Welcome to the Academy” letter,
  • access code for purchased classes.

Note: Each series of classes will have one and the same code for the ZOOM application for all 8 meetings. So if you buy one series you will get one code; if you buy 3 series you will get 3 codes.

On the first day of each cycle you will receive by e-mail:

  • one bonus for the Parent,
  • additional materials for the Child for every day.

On the last day of each series  you will receive by e-mail:

  • diploma,
  • a BINGO game for the series summary.

If you buy out the whole ACADEMY, at the end the Child will also receive by e-mail The Brave Explorer’s Academy Graduation Certificate.

If your Child is absent from the class at your request, sent by e-mail to:, we will send you a recording of the Workshop, which you will be able to show your child at any time.

Immediately after purchase, please download the free ZOOM application from:  Install it on the computer, tablet or smartphone which your child will use during the classes. Create a free account in the application and enter your Child’s name so that the Traveller can speak to your Child by name during the classes. Classes are interactive, the child can ask questions, talk to the Traveller and other participants, so it is important that the name of the Child is visible.

You can login to ZOOM application 10 minutes before the classes. Classes with the Traveller last 45 minutes, then about 15 minutes are left for conversations and interactions between Participants. In the materials for the Child we will include proposals for additional tasks and activities for the Child.